Training Services

Our classes are not conducted by Instructors they are conducted by Trainers & Behaviorists. We do not teach just the basics, the positive training classes we offer cater to the individual needs of your puppy or dog & you. All of our classes have 2 trainers or more so we can give you & your puppy or dog individual attention throughout every class. On the first night of class we will discuss what problems you are having, give you solutions to those problems & discuss what your final goals are for your dog. We will be covering information on chewing, house-training, crate training, barking, play biting, digging & other behavior problems you may be having. We will also be giving you information on collars, leashes, toys, games, bones, treats, nutrition & grooming. At the end of the hour, you will be given your own folder full of informational handouts, including instructions for each obedience command your puppy/dog & you will be learning.

“Puppy training class at Cedar Run was a blast! Tucker learned so much and made working with him at home so easy. Thank you!”Dave

We want all family members that will be working with the puppy/dog to attend class but for the sake of the other people & dogs in your class, please supervise your children. Children under the age of 18 are not allowed in the Growl class.