Our team of professional groomers are here
to pamper your pet for all of their full-service grooming needs!

Polished Pets!

Our team of professional groomers is here to
help your pet have the best service ever!

Cedar Run offers creative and traditional styling for your pet with flexible scheduling through our multiple groomers. Our experienced and caring groomers make your pet’s visit both safe and enjoyable. We offer full service dog grooming with unlimited options. From gland expression, nail trims, dog baths to specialized cuts, we offer treatments that will pamper your pet. No matter what your pet pampering desires are, we have dog spa treatments that will hit the spot. More than just a dog grooming or dog bath, it’s another chance for us to ensure the well-being of your pet!

EAST SIDE AND WEST SIDE Cedar Rapids locations available

South Side Grooming


1823 16TH AVE. SW,

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North Side Grooming


2705 Stonegate Ct,
Hiawatha, IA 52233

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It was the most wonderful product I could have possibly imagined. Thank you so much!Jane Doe
It was the most wonderful product I could have possibly imagined. Thank you so much!Jane Doe
It was the most wonderful product I could have possibly imagined. Thank you so much!Jane Doe

Professional Services

The following services include FREE DAYCARE at the Cedar Run Location!


The Furminator solution is a conditioning deshedding solution. It reduces shedding up to 90% and lasts for approximately two months. Prices include bath, brush out, nails trim, ear cleaning and anal gland expression.

Full Groom

Includes Spa bath, full body style, ear cleaning, nail trim and anal gland expression.

Fur dye

This can be added on to any groom! Give your pup a touch of color and make them pop! Price varies, so please talk to your groomer for an estimate when booking.  Let’s have some fun!

Bath and Brush

This includes a bath,nail trim, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, and a brush out.

Maintenance Groom

This is for between your regular grooms! Includes: Bath, Brush, nail trim, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, sanitary areas, paw pad and feet and face trim. Nothing off the body or legs.

Cat grooming

Includes bath, brush or shave, nail trim and ear cleaning 

Flea bath

This service can be provided on its own, or as an addition to a full groom.

Additional Services

Nail trims

Includes nail grind


Face trim

free in between regular 6-8week appts

Teeth Brushing

add on service to groom

Ear cleaning & hair removal

Sanitary trim

bath not included

Paw Pad Trim

Paw pad shave and trim with a nail trim

Meet Our Groomers

Jana Miller

  • Years of experience: Since 2012

  • Special skills: Grooming elderly and difficult to groom dogs as I am very patient and understanding with all animals. I can also groom cats.

  • Bio:  Animals have always been my passion since I was a little kid and volunteered at local rescues in my hometown with my sisters. I’ve been involved in animal rescue since and have had many foster animals, everything from hamsters to dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. My fiance, Jordon and I have a son named, Braxton and a daughter named, June. We are all animal lovers.

  • Pets: I have 2 dogs of my own,  a Carolina Dog named Fern and a chi-weenie named Watson both who were rescues we adopted. I also have 2 cats (Albert and Bagheera) whom I have had since bottle feeding at 2 weeks old, along with 2 guinea pigs (Donovan and Penelope) and a tortoise named Mikey.

  • Fun fact: I am a very patient groomer who has a lot of experience with dogs who don’t like being groomed. I take my time to show them that they can trust me and that grooming isn’t scary or bad. I love meeting every dog that walks in the door and making them look and feel great after their spa day.

Alyssa Farber

Location: Cedar Run
  • Years of experience: Since 2017

  • Special skills: Hand scissor, all breed pet and show cuts, Asian fusion

  • Bio: I got married in August of 2017 to Robert, in 2018 our son, Owen was born. I have been grooming for six plus years and can’t imagine doing anything else. I enjoy doing all varieties of grooms but I especially enjoy the Asian fusion style! I love all the dogs even the naughty ones, I have the patience and willingness to work with any dog I matter it’s special needs. I also groom cats!!

  • Pets: I have three awesome dogs!
  • Fun Fact: I played roller derby for three years a year for Cedar Rapids and two years with Dubuque

Ashley Ford

Location: Cedar Run

  • Years of experience: Since 2014
  • Special skills: Pattern clips and show clips

  • Bio: I grew up in a small town. Where I showed in 4-H as well as AKC dog shows, up until to college. I graduated from the Kirkwood grooming program to help further my knowledge of dog and cat grooming. My husband Andrew and I were married in 2018, we have a beautiful young daughter named, Addison. I am a chair of the Linn County Dog Committee.

  • Pets: I have two dogs, a boxer and a Boston Terrier

  • Fun Fact: I use to barrel race in rodeos

Jennie Callanan

Location: Cedar Run

  • Years of experience: Since 2013
  • Special skills: Pattern clips and show clips

  • Bio: I have one son, Aiden.  He is very active in the Boy Scouts and I am the committee chair for his troop.  I love grooming, but especially enjoy doing specialty cuts and having fun with custom fur dying!

  • Pets: I have three cats!

  • Fun Fact: Halloween is my favorite holiday!

Shelly Hunter

Location: CR grooming

  • Years of experience: Since 2002
  • Special skills: Pattern clips and special cuts

  • Bio: I was active with the 4-H and an AKC Golden Retriever club growing up from the time I was 9 years old.  I learned to groom and handle dogs here, and my parents always had dogs growing up.  My hsuband, Damian and I have 4 children together – all girls!

  • Pets: I have two dogs, a Yorkie-Pom named Hope, and a Golden named Moana.

  • Fun Fact: I have been showing Golden’s since I was 9

Courtney Lokenvitz

Location: CR grooming

  • Years of experience: Since 2016
  • Special skills: All breeds, I love trim up on large breeds

  • Bio: I am originally from Cedar Rapids, and I love to travel! I grew up with dogs, so have always been passionate about working and caring for them.  I took a short break from grooming with an office job, I am so excited to be back to my true passion!

  • Pets: I have two dachshunds, Mia May and Jade Marie.

  • Fun Fact: I groom left-handed!